Monday, May 19, 2008

How Great it is to be on Earth

How Great it is to be on Earth

The earth is great
The earth is Cool
We get lots of good days in school
It is good to be in school
It feels good to my heart
It strengthens my mind
So that I am smart

I need to get smart
Until I am an adult
And people might say
“I lose at four-square”
But I try to stay in there

It warms my heart
Warmer each day
My heart gets harder,
Then softer as I pray.

Earth is good
It rotates so we get to sleep and then be awake
We have morning, evening and afternoon
We all stay on earth, except astronauts in space

By Joshua


JuliaKoponick said...


I'm glad to see your poem on your blog.

I look forward to more!


Holly Mayer said...

Hi Josh! Great blog, I love your poem and I look forward to seeing more stuff on here.

Mark Kelley said...

Hey, blog away! I look forward to seeing what cool stuff you put here.